Glorious Rains!

It was late in coming … but we are FINALLY experiencing our “Monsoon” Season!  Rains, rains, and more rains have been coming down all over the state.  Are we happy or what?  Actually, in some areas we’ve broken records on amount of rainfall in the month of July — even though most rains didn’t start until the middle of the month. So that’s a lot in the last couple of weeks.  There’s also been some pretty damaging storms with amazing lightning and thunder, and unfortunately some flooding.  Is that all part of that “when it rains, it pours” …?  You’ll notice — from reading our newsletter — that the July rally experienced rains every evening in Flagstaff, but there were no complaints!

Summer’s Sweltering

Here we are, first of July, and everyone’s still sweltering under terrible heat conditions that lasted through all of June in the 4-Corner states of AZ, CO, NM, & UT where most of our members reside. So many forest fires throughout the region, many taking out hundreds of homes, and sadly of all, losing firefighters in the blazes.  Our “monsoon” season traditionally begins with the 4th of July celebrations, and we are praying that it will soon appear!  Meanwhile, members are still managing to enjoy themselves — especially those traveling elsewhere in the country! And those of us attending the rallies are “keeping our cool” and having a great time as well!  So come join us somewhere along the way … AND PRAY FOR RAIN!