2014-May Rally Schedule

TAOS R ALLY 􀂲 Memorial W eekend
May 22-­27, 2014

Cultured and community, newest national monument, and
highest peak in New Mexico. Not to
mention some of the best hiking, sports,
out-of-this-world vistas.

Nowhere else can you find such color and contrasts or such an exciting mix of history,
recreation, entertainment, and R&R, in such close proximity. Even its name evokes
mystique and wonder.
Taos Valley RV Park, 120 Este Es Road in Taos, 87571 􀂲 575-­758-­4469
Make your own reservations quickly, since this is a holiday weekend and they will fill up!
Rate depends on type of site;; from $27 (water/elec. pull-­in) to $37 (full hookups pull
through). Specify you are with Cuatro Estados. For more info, see http://www.taosRV.com.
Rallymasters: Rae & Dub Phillips 505-­235-­5992, raecyp65@gmail.com Please
confirm attendance by April 1st.
5/22 Thurs 􀂲 arrival. 5:00 pm Happy Hour with Dinner Provided.
5/23 Fri 􀂲 Rio Grande Adventures: Gorge Visitor Center, Orilla Verde Rec area, optional
White Water Raft trip ($42.50, 3 hours, you will get wet). Pack a lunch.
5/24 Sat 􀂲 History/Cultural Tour: Pueblos, haciendas, churches, lunch in plaza
5/25 Sun 􀂲 Scenic Drive: To Taos valley Ski Area, lunch in Arroyo Seco
5/26 Mon 􀂲 Celebrate Memorial Day activities at Vietnam Memorial, lunch in Angel Fire
5/27 Tues 􀂲 Departure after Continental breakfast provided


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