Happy New Year!- January 2016 NL

CE Newsletter January 2016Happy New Year


Cuatro Estados Annual Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 3:09 p.m. by President John Obermiller. Secretary Sanna Obermiller read the minutes of the previous meeting.  Passed as approved. Treasurer Lynn Buckingham reported that our balance as of October 31, 2015 was $1752.51. OLD BUSINESS:

John escorted Lynn to the “imaginary podium” to remind members that:

* The rally master is allowed to get a $50 check to cover expenses incurred in the rally.  This must be requested from Lynn as some members choose NOT to take the payment. This policy will be continued, no motion necessary.

* Dues of $7.50 per member, $15 per couple, are due starting now, payable before January 31st of 2016.

* Some members have asked about a replacement badge.  Just let Lynn know what you need.  Rae suggested that the club pay for them as we have the funds.

John then escorted Dessa Franklin forward to present the National Director’s report.  She explained the role of the director:  Each FMCA chapter has a representative attend to vote on necessary business for which a majority of the clubs must be in attendance.  The new budget was passed.  Dessa encouraged members to take advantage of FMCA ASSIST, available with everyone’s FMCA membership.  She recapped the points: (The MEMBER is covered no matter what vehicle is being driven):

– Towing within 100 miles of home; – Medical transportation for members, guests, pets; – Call 1-877-202-4176 or check the magazine for program and contact info; – Enter the above number in your cell phone to have it readily available; – There is NO CHARGE for any of the benefits.

Barry Engleman (in jest?) is a full-time RVer, and asked where he would be transported if he has no HOME. To be determined.


Election of officers.  President John presented the slate.  There were no other nominations, so the slate was approved.  Officers for 2016 are:

President: Rae Phillips Vice President and Wagon Master: Genny Zawistoski Secretary:  Sanna Obermiller Treasurer:  Lynn Buckingham National Director: Dessa Halasz Alternate National Director: MJ Brenner Newsletter Editor: Carl Becker Membership Directory:     Bob Coulter

John elegantly escorted Becky to the front of the circle to lead a discussion on our website situation.  There were only three members who acknowledged that they read our website: cuatroestados.com.  Facebook already has most of our club information, but not everyone is on Facebook.  Becky found a webmaster who will charge $99 per year. She suggested that we try it for one year, and encouraged members to check it out.  Motion made, seconded, and passed.  Sanna injected that maybe we can get the younger members we want as the internet seems to be their main vehicle for information.


The Christmas party will be December 12th at the Buckingham’s home.  John offered to purchase a smoked turkey and members will contribute side dishes.  Discussion ensued about whether we should take a gift or not.  Suggestions included money to donate to a charity and children’s toys for the needy.  The consensus seemed to be for toys.

A review of the rally schedule for next year followed.  The April rally dates have been changed and are now April 7 to 17.  We need a November rally location – somewhere WARM.  Some of the suggestions were Alamogordo, Las Cruces, Elephant Butte, El Paso, and Bosque Del Apache.  Members need to let Genny know your ideas about a location.  Genny has a new e-mail:  ce.genny@gmail.com. Please make a note of it in your directory.  Becky reviewed the rallies which still need a Rally Master.  John and Becky BOTH reminded members to make their reservations ASAP.  It’s easier to cancel later if needed.

After thanking Sanna for her help with registrations and being the liaison with the owner of the park, Billy, Jann & Berry Engleman gave stats on the bird events at the bosque.  Rae and Dub asked who would be interested in going to the lakes with them, leaving at 5:30 a.m.  Cathy Soto asked if there was a fee, and Rae said not if you have a Senior Pass.

Dub Phillips (aka Club Agitator) called Jann up front and presented her with a “Club Agitator #2” award.  This is an honorary position to be filled using respect and generating FUN.

Members suggested seeing the VLA (Very Large Array) and the El Camino Heritage Center if you haven’t already seen them.  Other suggested activities had been listed in the last newsletter.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned upon motion made and seconded.

Respectfully submitted, Sanna Obermiller, Secretary