A camping club sponsored by Family Motor Coach Assn.

A camping club sponsored by Family Motor Coach Assn.

A camping club sponsored by Family Motor Coach Assn. A camping club sponsored by Family Motor Coach Assn.

Meet Your 2020 Board Members

Becky coulter, President

Gene Dorsey, Vice President/Wagonmaster

Gene Dorsey, Vice President/Wagonmaster


While growing up my parents had a trailer, a pop-up camper, and later a small fifth wheel. I imagine that got my juices flowing in the camping direction. Bob and I met in the Army and we did plenty of camping there (not the leisure kind). When we retired from the Army we started to get back into traveling and camping. Since Bob loves buying and selling RV’s, we’ve had quite the variety of rigs through the years! (See list on his bio.) If you are thinking of getting an RV ask us the pros and cons; we always have an opinion. Up until October of this year we had (at the same time) a Class A Diesel pusher, a Class B+ or C 25 ft. RV van, and a 4x4 Van (known as “Grey Worm” and called “War Wagon, “The Beast” as well as other names). We have now downsized and only have the rough van (4x4) and the smooth van (Mercedes). We try to attend as many rallies as we can and are members of two RV groups. We have been members of the Cuatros since July 2005. We also travel solo to places off the grid, as well as wintering in the Southwest. We love Cuatro Estados and hope you will too!

Gene Dorsey, Vice President/Wagonmaster

Gene Dorsey, Vice President/Wagonmaster

Gene Dorsey, Vice President/Wagonmaster


 I inherited my father’s love of the mountains, geography, history and travel. Despite being crippled from polio, he took the family on many summer camping trips but I was largely responsible for setting up and breaking our tent camps. When I retired in 2007, we wanted to travel but our sixty-pound dog Sparky refused to be left behind, so we began to consider an RV (mostly for the dog, of course). We quickly realized however that Rosie would not need to sleep on the ground with the snakes, I could occupy the captain’s chair of a big rig, and that we could camp without all the hassles. It all made sense! So, we bought a very used 2000 Holiday Rambler diesel pusher and hit the road. As we begin our 13th season, we have a newer rig with more slides, have travelled coast to coast and border to border visiting our 50th state this past fall. We made our first rally with Cuatro Estados in Ruidoso in 2017 and now look forward to travels a bit closer to home with our new Cuatro Estados friends. 

Diana McVey, Secretary

Gene Dorsey, Vice President/Wagonmaster

Lynn Buckingham, Treasurer


 My first camping trip was in the Oregon Mts.       We stayed in a one person backpack tent.  So tight,over the years we got bigger tents and then graduated to a pop up camper.  In 2012 we bought our 1st RV a Sunrise Itasca.  Some folks thought I would hate RVing cause we had problems with it.  Wrong I love RVing,  after I lost my husband in 2013 I decided to try on my own.  Downsized to a 28 ft and after a couple years was blessed to meet someone to share RVing with.  Now have a 34 ft Allegro which is our full time home.  Have been with Cuatro Estados since 2012 and enjoyed every minute.

Lynn Buckingham, Treasurer


Lynn Buckingham, Treasurer


 Growing up in a land of lakes and forests in northern Wisconsin, we didn't miss family camping since we had all those resources right outside our door. Fast forward to 1970, married with two kids and stationed in Albuquerque with the Air Force, our first camper was a 1968 VW camper with a pop-up top and a tent to go with it. This was driven to Anchorage in 1971, camping along the way. While in Alaska, the RV bug bit and we found ourselves flying down to Kansas to pick up our first self-contained motor home and a canoe. We enjoyed many weekends camping on Homer Spit and various lakes. We were only in Alaska for 3 years but have owned several small motor homes through the years, the weirdest being a bare Ford van I tried to make into a camper with a JC Whitney pattern, windows and a sofa bed. Claustrophobia! It didn't last long. We gave up motor homing for a few years while I did some camping under airplane wings while going to fly-ins during my flying (a bucket list thing) years. The first RV club we belonged to was the Thunderbirds, then later the Cuatro Estados in 2006, also 2 Frustrated Maestros chapters of FMCA. Our current RV is a 24' Phoenix Cruiser and we hope to continue having adventures with it and all three chapters for as long as we are able!  

MJ BRENNER, National Director




 Following 20 years of sailing out of Chicago, we bought our first motorhome, our beloved Dolphin, in 2005. After many trips throughout the US and Canada, we purchased our 2nd motorhome, a diesel pusher, in 2013 following our move to New Mexico. We were active in FMCA while in the Midwest as well as joining Cuatro Estados. We particularly enjoy volunteering at the FMCA National Conventions all over the country, in between our other travels, which have included exploring other countries via other travel means.  





Joan and I started out camping in the back end of my pickup with an insulated camper shell. After the birth of our first son, we bought a new 18 foot travel trailer with all the amenities. In 1987 we traded up to a class C motorhome.  Our maiden voyage was to Oregon and Washington State. One thing I remember were the logging trucks that seemed to be driven by ex-race car drivers. I was amazed at how the drivers maneuvered in heavy traffic. This motorhome took us to many destinations in the U. S. and Canada. 

In 1993 we relocated from CO to SC due to my job change. After the movers packed our belongings we drove our motorhome to our new house in Aiken, SC. We had many fun trips in south however; our favorite trip was staying at Fort Wilderness RV Park at Disney World. Just steps away were the Disney transportation hub that took us to so many different areas of the park. 

During 1998 another job change brought us back to CO. Before the move I sold the motorhome thinking our RV days were behind us. After a couple of years, we started the cycle again with a 23 foot travel trailer, upgraded to a 26 foot travel trailer and then to our current 30 foot motorhome. After acquiring our latest motorhome Fleetwood gave us a complimentary 1 year membership to FMCA which led us to join Cuatro Estados where we have met new friends and taken new journeys.

Meet Your 2019 Support Staff


Bob Coulter, Directory Editor/Publisher

bill Eckel, Webmaster/FB Manager


Camping has always been a part of my life. I was in middle school before I realized that some people stay in a hotel when they go on vacation. My father was an Eagle Scout and an avid river-runner so we would often camp somewhere close to where we could all enjoy his passion. One of the many benefits of being married to Mark is that he enjoys the outdoors as much as I do. We got our first motorhome when he was working out of California while I was working in Utah. We enjoyed it so much that we decided that we would try to spend as much time on the road when we retired as possible. We look forward getting to know you even though we might not be able to attend as many rallies as we would like. 

bill Eckel, Webmaster/FB Manager

Bob Coulter, Directory Editor/Publisher

bill Eckel, Webmaster/FB Manager


Like most future RVers, Beverly and I started out in a tent shortly after we married in our 40s. To test out tow trailers, we rented a small pop-up while living in TX. It had an Ice Box, small sink and a bed, but not much else. After Bev almost got mugged by a Raccoon at 3am going to the outhouse, we decided we wanted something with a bathroom inside and a few more comforts. 

Our first hard shell was a 21 ft. trailer of which we enjoyed but, soon discovered that crawling over one another when needing to use the “indoor” bathroom at night was disturbing (to the other person). After we rolled that one on a trip, we upgraded to a fifth wheel which was far more comfortable and safer towing. Of course we were still weekenders as we both worked. We also discovered that when going on long trips, that it was really inconvenient for Bev to go back to the kitchen or bathroom while we were moving. (Her hair looked a little windblown when she returned.) So, when we retired we purchased a 31 ft. Class C with a slide. 

We have added a tow car and joined Cuatro Estados in 2010, and have been harassed by them ever since (mostly by Dub, Rae, and Becky).  Bill’s background (Careers) consists of a Professional Pilot and FAA Pilot Examiner, National Technical Trainer in electronics and robotics, and as an IT Manager. ( It took him almost a year to learn to spell” IT” correctly.) He now makes art work out of old computer parts of the computers he breaks. 

He feels he is best qualified for this job because he did not say “no” fast enough.

Bob Coulter, Directory Editor/Publisher

Bob Coulter, Directory Editor/Publisher

Bob Coulter, Directory Editor/Publisher



I wasn’t much for camping during my early years. I guess because in the Army they had a different idea of camping I never warmed up to. Too many nights in the rain and cold, mostly without tent or cover, so really never saw any logical reason to do it for fun. In 2001 we bought our first RV - a `01 Pleasure-Way van. Since then we have owned 2 pop-up trailers, 2 roof top tents, 2 slide-in truck campers, 4 Class C’s, 2 Class A’s, and 1 4x4 van. We have enjoyed RVing ever since. We spend some winters in Southern California at El Centro Naval Air Facility and summers attending Cuatro Estados rallies when we can.

Duties of Officers

Rally Master Duties & Information

Bob Coulter, Directory Editor/Publisher






This document is for purposes of clarifying and defining the duties of elected Chapter officers. It also serves as clarifying and defining the duties of other chapter personnel essential to its function, such as the Rally Master.

FMCA National ByLaws specifies an individual FMCA member may hold no more than two (2) offices in the same chapter, nor hold chapter office in more than one (1) chapter.


A Nominating Committee, consisting of not less than three Chapter members in good standing, shall be elected by the Chapter membership not less than 20 days prior to scheduled election of officers. This committee will nominate all Chapter officers, and a National Director and an Alternate National Director to sit on the Governing Board of FMCA National. Election of an individual to the Nominating Committee shall not prohibit that person from being nominated for any office. All nominees must indicate clear acceptance to serve if elected, to adhere to the Chapter ByLaws, and to carry out the duties of that position as presented in this document. 

In the event that any officer, after elected, finds that he/she cannot serve out his/her term, then the Nominating Committee shall come up with at least one alternative and present it to the membership for a vote.


Election of Officers shall be held each year, usually in September, and may be either at a designated meeting or by ballot. The Chapter officers shall consist of an elected President, one or more Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, National Director, and Alternate National Director. The office of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined. A chapter officer is not precluded from election as the National Director or as the Alternate National Director. 

The Nominating Committee will present their nominees, with additional nominations allowed from the floor (if at a meeting) or by write in (if by ballot). The terms of the Chapter officers may begin immediately upon election but no later than January 1st of the coming year, and be for the entire year. There shall be no limit to the number of terms any officer may serve. The date and results of the election of Chapter officers shall be promptly reported in writing to the FMCA National Headquarters. 


The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, National Director, and Alternate National Director. This committee is responsible for: (a) format and content of chapter documents available to the general public (such as brochures, introductory packets, etc); (b) approval of chapter expendures exceeding $50; (c) appointing an individual to fill any vacancies in chapter officers or personnel; (d) approval of any discretionary inclusions in the newsletter that editor deems questionable or inordinary; (e) determination/change in amount provided to Chapter National Director or alternate individual representing us at FMCA National Governing Board Meetings; (f) and any other matters any officer wishes the Executive Committee to consider or rule on.


The elected Chapter President is the leader of the chapter and presides at meetings of the chapter membership. One meeting is required annually by FMCA national, but more may be conducted, as the president deems necessary. He/She is responsible for ensuring the duties of the other chapter officers are carried out, as required by FMCA National and the chapter bylaws.

Once a year the President shall review Chapter finances with the Treasurer. If dues or fees need to be increased, he/she shall hold an Executive Committee meeting to determine amount, and put to a membership vote according to the Bylaws.

The president shall pass on to the membership any information received from FMCA national deemed of importance to Chapter members. 

If no member volunteers to be Rally Master at a chapter function, the President should either appoint one or perform this duty himself/herself, along with the Vice President-Wagonmaster.

The President keeps all rally supplies & materials (schedule board, flags, table cloths, directional signs, posters, easle, etc.) belonging to the chapter, and ensures they are taken to the rallies/campouts and returned.


[Note: This position can be split into two, with the VP supporting and backing up the Wagonmaster in His/Her tasks.]

The Vice President assists the President, and serves as presiding officer in the absence of the President, or upon a vacancy occurring in the office of President.

As Wagonmaster, the Vice President sets up the schedule for all chapter activities/campouts for the year, and makes all arrangements and reservations for campgrounds and facilities. He/She will solicit input and suggestions from the membership for locations and choices. The Wagonmaster shall be in charge of safety, assistance in emergencies, maintenance of law and order, control of objectional noise, marking of confusing road junctions, ground housekeeping, control of campfires, and any and all other matters which relate to the physical arrangements and conduct of said rally or campout.

The rally schedule and any necessary reservations with rally locations should be completed in the fall of prior year. This basic information should be provided to the membership no later than January 1st of that year. The Vice President should also provide the basic rally list (date, location, contact info) to FMCA for inclusion in the Chapter Calendar both on FMCA website and in the FMC Magazine. 

The VP/Wagonmaster will solicit volunteer "Rally Masters" to be in charge of each individual campout or event. Attempts should be made to have Rally Masters lined up at the beginning of the year. If no volunteer comes forward for a particular campout, then the Vice President, along with the President, is responsible for that campout as Wagonmaster. (See "Rally Master" Section, following Chapter Officers' Duties.)

In the event the Chapter Treasurer is not present at a rally, campout, or event, the Vice President or his/her appointed Rally Master, is responsible for collecting the rally fee and submitting it to the Chapter Treasurer.

The VP/Wagonmaster shall provide the Chapter's Newsletter Editor with the annual schedule for publication, and ensure that the Editor receives all pertinent information regarding each particular campout and/or event each month for publication. This should normally be provided by the Rally Master for that rally, but the Wagonmaster is reponsible for making sure the information is provided, including directions to location.


The Chapter Secretary shall process & reply to any correspondence received from FMCA national (requiring a response). Near the end of each year, FMCA National Office sends a chapter report listing our members and pertinent information, which the Secretary corrects and returns. This report shall contain the complete membership list of names and FMCA numbers of the chapter's members, along with a list of incumbent chapter officers, and certification that the chapter held the required meeting during the chapter's previous fiscal period.

The Secretary shall promptly report, in writing, to the National Office the results of any election or change in status of chapter officers. This report shall include addresses and telephone numbers of each person so elected.

The Secretary is expected to record in a Chapter Minute Book the proceedings of all meetings of the chapter's membership. These signed minutes shall be read and approved at the next meeting, unless said reading is waived by majority vote. Minutes of all meetings are to be kept available in the event a member of the chapter desires to read them. If unable to attend a meeting, the Secretary should solicit another officer or member to record the minutes of the meeting and provide said minutes to the Secretary.

Each month FMCA sends the Chapter Secretary a list of new FMCA members within our area (AZ, CO, NM, UT). The secretary then reviews this list for potential new members and sends an email or postal mail introducing our chapter and inviting membership. (Based on proximity to our most common camping locations, not all on the list are applicable; but selection is at the discretion of the Secretary.)


The Chapter Treasurer receives, safeguards, and holds all chapter funds in the name of the chapter and its trustee and fiscal agent. This includes maintaining a balanced checking account in the name of the chapter, of which a minimum of two (2) officers shall have signature authorization. 

He/She is responsible for accepting new membership applications, and ordering name badges for the new members (which are then sent, by the Treasurer, to the new member). Upon receiving a new membership application and payment, a copy of the application shall be provided to the President, Secretary and Newsletter Editor. He/She also provides any new member with a copy of the Membership Directory and the Chapter ByLaws.

He/She collects the annual dues from the membership, confirms the member is a paid up FMCA National member, and reports to the President any membership delinquency. The Treasurer maintains the Chapter Membership Book, recording membership dues payments each year for each member. 

Collection of rally/campout fees or any other funds due the chapter are also the Treasurer's responsibility, but may be handled by the Rally Master or Wagonmaster/VP.

The Treasurer keeps accurate accounts of all chapter funds and renders reports on same at each business meeting of the chapter's membership, or as requested by any member. He/She also meets with the President at year end to review financials, and recommends when dues or fees need to be increased. The Treasurer also provides a published written annual financial accounting (in the newsletter) to the membership shorty after the close of the fiscal year. 

The Treasurer disburses chapter funds for authorized chapter purposes, such as expenses associated with rallies/campouts/events, and newsletter publishing and mailing. Any expense incurred by an officer or member that exceeds $50 must first be approved by the Executive Committee.

The Chapter has a T-shirt design, and offers chapter T-shirts for sale to members. The ordering & supply of these shirts is handled by the Treasurer.


The Chapter's National Director serves on the Governing Board of FMCA National, and represents the Chapter by input, comments, and votes on National issues. He/She should be present at Governing Board meetings (usually held in conjunction with National FMCA Rallies, twice a year), to represent the Chapter membership in all matters pertaining to decisions being made at the National level. Any issues requiring a vote should be brought before the Chapter membership in a meeting, and a majority membership vote obtained for purposes of the National Director voting the wishes of the Chapter.

The National Director will, throughout the year, receive information from FMCA National as to actions and/or activities concerning FMCA National, and the membership in general, and should pass on this information (verbally or in writing through the newsletter) to the Chapter membership when pertinent.

The National Director will receive partial expenditure reimbursement of $200 from Chapter funds for the purpose of attending Executive Meetings. Under some circumstances, as determined by the Executive Committee, additional reimbursement may be made by the Chapter.

Adherence to FMCA=s ANational Director Guidelines,@ as provided by FMCA national office, is expected.


The Chapter's Alternate National Director shall perform the duties of the National Director, as described above, in the event the National Director is unable to do so.


[This position may be split into Editor and Publisher positions.]

The Editor writes and publishes a newsletter once a month, and e-mails or (postal) mails it to all chapter members in good standing. This should be done in a timely manner, preferably as near the beginning on the month as feasible.

Format and layout of the newsletter is at the editor's discretion, but any serious deviation from prior years' newsletters is subject to approval by the Chapter President and Vice President.

The newsletter should contain, but is not limited to, pertinent information for the next campout or event including location, activities, etc. as provided by the Rally Master or Wagonmaster. This is the MOST important information to provide the membership. 

It should also include a brief report on the rally/event just completed, including names of members attending. This should be solicited from any member who attended the rally, or the Rally Master or Wagonmaster. 

It should also contain any reports submitted by any Officer. (Ideally, officers should each provide a short report for each newsletter, but this is not always possible or necessary.) It may also contain news of any members (i.e., who's traveling, what's happening, etc.), and any assortment of items the editor deems of interest to the membership. "Filler" items such as poems, sayings, member recipes, may be included as editor's discretion.

For potentially controversal items ("editorials"), the President & Vice President should be consulted.

Members are also allowed to submit motorhome-related items for sale for inclusion in the newsletter. 

The addition of photographs is encouraged too. Or the publishing of a separate "issue" quarterly of rally photos only, at Executive Committee's discretion.

Costs for printing and mailing the newsletter should be submitted to the Treasurer each month for reimbursement.


An Annual Membership Directory should be published and copies provided to the chapters membership. This can be as detailed or as simple as the Executive Committee deems important or necessary. The costs for such publication should be preapproved by the Executive Committee. 

This directory should be completed and made available no later than March 15th of each calendar year. The expense for the mailing of these directories to the membership are also to be covered by chapter funds.

Minimum information should include a listing for each chapter member, their contact information, FMCA number, and motorhome information. Currently we also list their birthday & anniversary dates, emergency contact information, and a variety of other pertinent items they wish to share. Also, a very nice feature that has been used for a number of years is the inclusion of color photographs of each member. Since the cost of including photos has been partially donated by the editor/publisher in years past, the continuation of this is dependent on either His/Her generosity, or the Executive Committee deeming the importance be worth the expense and have the chapter cover the costs completely. 


[This position may be split into two, and handled by any of the officers or volunteers, but preferably by someone who is an active participant in the chapters rallies/events.


Rally Master Duties & Information

Rally Master Duties & Information






The name of this not-for-profit organization shall be the Cuatro Estatos Chapter (hereinafter referred to as “chapter”) of the Family Motor Coach Association, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “FMCA”).


1. PURPOSE: This chapter exists to promote social, recreational, and informational exchange activities that provide for the enjoyment and pleasurable use of family member coaches.

2. AREA: This chapter shall be authorized to function in the Rocky Mountain Area.  

3. SCOPE: (Select the type of chapter to be used throughout this document)    

This chapter has members with a mutual interest in discovery of our world, expanding friendships and enjoying life. Our current interest/destinations include national/state parks lands, remote or forest service locations, areas known for spectacular scenery, 4-wheeling, back roads, visiting historical sites, flora & fauna interest, rock hounding, bird-watching, photography and anything else someone suggests to pursue! Most of our members are drawn from the location of the Four Corners geographical area.



A. To be eligible for and to maintain membership in the chapter, a person must be in good standing with FMCA, and meet the dues requirement and provisions set forth in the bylaws of this chapter.

B. Membership in this chapter shall not be denied any person because of race, sex, religion, color, marital or family status, age, nationality, or disability.

2. The term “family unit,” is defined as a person; his or her spouse, or partner; dependents of each, regardless of age; non-dependent grandchildren and great-grandchildren aged 18 and under.

3. The term “membership,” is defined as either a family unit or an individual or individuals owning a qualifying motor coach who share a membership number.

4. The term “member,” is defined as each adult who, jointly or individually, constitutes a membership. The rights of each member are defined in the description of each category contained in Article III (3) of the FMCA Bylaws.

5. A member must own a qualifying motor coach (motorhome) or at least 1/3 interest in a qualifying motor coach (motorhome) in order to vote or hold office in this chapter.

6. The term “qualifying motor coach,” is defined as a self-propelled, completely self-contained vehicle that contains all the conveniences of a home, including cooking, sleeping, and permanent sanitary facilities, and in which the driver’s area is directly accessible in a walking position from the living quarters. The terms motor coach and motorhome may be used interchangeably.


A. ANNUAL DUES: Annual payment of chapter and national dues enables persons to become active members and entitled to all rights and privileges of the chapter and FMCA. The annual dues for membership in the chapter shall be an amount as the membership shall establish.

B. RENEWAL: Renewal dues from chapter members become due and payable January 1st.

C. INITIAL APPLICATION: Application for new membership shall be accompanied by payment of annual chapter and national dues (unless already an FMCA member). If an initial application is accepted after October 1st, the dues shall be regarded as covering the next membership year. 

C. INITIATION FEE: New and reinstated members may be required to pay an initiation fee in an amount to be established by the chapter membership.

 E. ARREARS: Any member whose dues remain unpaid for more than one month after becoming due January 1st , shall be considered delinquent and their membership will be canceled.


1. DUTIES OF OFFICERS: The duties of elected officers shall be as defined in the Member and Volunteer Handbook.

2. TERMS OF OFFICE: The elected officers of this chapter shall serve a one year term of office, or until their successors are elected.


A. An individual FMCA member may hold either a single office in each of two chapters or two offices in one chapter. A member may hold the office of national director or alternate national director in only one chapter.

B. Any member in good standing may be nominated from the floor for any elective office.

C. No official or member shall become vested of any right, title to, or interest in any chapter property, except as required by law.


A. The officers of the chapter shall constitute the Executive Board. 

B. The Executive Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of the chapter between its business meetings. The Board shall be subject to the orders of the chapter, and none of its acts shall be in conflict with the chapter or FMCA.


1. APPOINTMENT: Committee members and chairperson (except Nominating Committee) shall be appointed by the president.

2. DUTIES: All committees shall function within the policies of the chapter and (except Nominating Committee) under the direction of the president. Financial reports, vouchers, and monies due the chapter shall be submitted on a timely basis.

3. QUORUM: A committee quorum shall be a majority. 


1. AUTHORITY: This chapter shall be democratically self-governed, deriving its existence and authority from the consent of its membership assembled in meeting or, in certain instances, by mail vote on stated propositions. 

2. ORGANIZATIONAL YEAR: The fiscal and membership year of the chapter shall commence on January 1st and end on December 31st.


A. TYPES: The term “meeting” shall include coach rallies, camp outs, dinner meetings, and any other gatherings suitable to the function of the chapter.

B. BUSINESS MEETINGS: In each fiscal year, a chapter shall hold at least one business meeting at which a quorum is present. The meeting can be a gathering in one area or where some or all of the members communicate with other members through electronic means such as the Internet or by telephone that allows all members the opportunity for simultaneous aural communication. Said meeting shall be duly announced in advance to the membership, including adequate description of how to participate. 


The voting general membership is to elect chapter officers, including a president, vice president, a secretary, a treasurer, a national director, and an alternate national director. 

D. QUORUM:     

A quorum for the transaction of business at any duly-called chapter meeting is 25% of the chapter family unit memberships or fifteen family unit memberships, whichever is less. 

E. VOTING: Except as specified elsewhere in these bylaws, a simple majority vote of F# and L# members in good standing and voting shall be required to approve or disapprove any matter.

Voting will be one vote for each adult member.

Balloting by mail may be undertaken when a proposed matter is voted to be of such importance or urgency that a total membership vote is advisable.

F. PARLIAMENTARY PROCESS: The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern this chapter's proceedings to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of FMCA, and the bylaws of this chapter.


This chapter must maintain a minimum of fifteen family unit memberships.

The chapter secretary shall furnish to the national office of FMCA, no later than December 31st each year, a membership list, a list of chapter officers, and assurance that a business meeting was held.

5. ANNUAL AUDIT: An annual audit of the chapter’s financial books and records shall be undertaken and reported to the membership.

6. APPLICATION OF NATIONAL CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS: This chapter accepts and agrees that the chapter bylaws shall conform to any mandatory requirements stipulated in the Constitution and Bylaws of FMCA.



A. The Nominating Committee shall consist of not less than three chapter members in good standing, nominated and elected yearly by the chapter membership. 

B. Election of an individual to the Nominating Committee shall not prohibit that person from being nominated for elected office.


A. To select one of its members as Nominating Committee Chairman.     

B.  To nominate candidates for the chapter offices of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, national director, and an alternate national director for the new term to be presented for voting by the chapter membership. 

C. To obtain clear acceptance of the nominees to serve the chapter should they be elected.

D. To make certain that nominated candidates are members in good standing and qualified under applicable national and chapter bylaws.

E. To nominate candidates to fill vacancies that occur in elected chapter offices.


1. MANDATORY AMENDMENTS: National Bylaw amendments applicable to chapter operations shall be automatically adopted by the chapter and are not subject to a vote by the chapter membership.

2. AMENDING PROCEDURE: These bylaws may be amended by a 65% affirmative vote of the members present and voting at a duly-called meeting, providing that prior notice of at least 30 days has been given of the proposition(s) to amend.

Any member of the chapter may propose amendments to the bylaws. 

Approved amendments to these bylaws become effective immediately upon their adoption, or at such time as specified in the amendment.

3. DISTRIBUTION: Copies of changes, additions, amendments, or revisions to these bylaws shall be forwarded to the national office and to the National Area Vice President.


This chapter may adopt Standing Rules to provide guidelines and procedures by which the chapter may function and operate.


This chapter of FMCA may be dissolved by a majority vote of chapter members. All of the remaining assets of the chapter shall be contributed to the purpose(s) for which the chapter is organized, or to a qualified non-profit charity or charities.

EFFECTIVE: June 26, 2014 

Rally Master Duties & Information

Rally Master Duties & Information

Rally Master Duties & Information




The Rallymaster is a volunteer who has agreed to be in charge of a particular rally or event. Duties include planning all activities and meals that will happen at that rally, and being in charge of everything at that rally. Activities may include, but are neither required nor limited to, scenic or historic drives, hikes, games, entertainment. Meals may include, but are neither required nor limited to, potlucks, breakfasts, going to restaurants, happy hour snacks. 

     The rallymaster will decide whether to provide part or all of a meal and charge a rally fee to cover the costs, as explained below:

The rally master should keep track of expenditures for that rally, i.e., any foods purchased to be provided attendees, and determine amount to be charged as a "Rally Fee" per person to cover said costs. (Example: rallymaster provides spaghetti & meatballs for one of the meals, at a cost of $30. If 20 people are in attendance, then they are charged $1.50 each.) Ideally, the rallymaster should know in advance how many people will be attending, and THEN determine how much to purchase and rally fee to charge. In some instances, special meals may be scheduled that will require additional fees be collected. Attendees should be made aware of this prior to making reservations with the Rally Master.

Details of schedule and other events/costs planned should be provided to both the VP/Wagonmaster and the Newsletter Editor at least two months in advance (for purposes of printing in the newsletter).d

In the event that there is no volunteer rally master for a particular rally, the VP/Wagonmaster and/or President should take responsibility for that rally.


Rallymaster pointers that have been helpful in the past.

· Call ahead to book places, (restaurants, museums etc.).

· Stick to your schedule, don’t second guess yourself

· Try to have same departure times each day

· Don’t have a pot luck the first night, that was a travel day, no prep time

· Please don’t have a breakfast potluck on departure day

· Advise group of schedule in advance, make sure all have a schedule, bring extras

· Bring membership directory with you or load attendees phone numbers and email into your phone so you can contact them with updates.

· Remind attendees that they don’t have to do everything on the rally schedule but to let you know if they will not be attending an event.

· Call places such as restaurants, museums etc. when you arrive to remind them you have a group coming.