A camping club sponsored by Family Motor Coach Assn.

A camping club sponsored by Family Motor Coach Assn.

A camping club sponsored by Family Motor Coach Assn. A camping club sponsored by Family Motor Coach Assn.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do we all travel together in a convoy?


No we do not, we usually meet at the chosen campground around 5pm for happy hour and snacks the first night. This allows us to meet each other and coordinate the activities for the rally..

Are pets allowed?


Yes we are pet friendly. Please consider the heat or cold when bringing pets in your car during the side trips.

What kind of rig does everyone have?


All types of recreational vehicles are welcome in the club.

Do I need a tow car?


You do not need a tow car. You can get rides from the members who have tow cars. It is customary to offer money for gas. 

How do I sign up for a rally?


Make your reservations with the RV Park as soon as you can because spaces fill up fast. We do not hold spaces. Then contact the rally master and let them know you will be coming.

How much does it cost to attend a rally?


Generally nothing beyond your camping fee (paid to the campground). But plan on shared potlucks (bring a dish) and out to lunch or dinner (pay individually), unless some special event or meal is planned.

Frequently Asked Questions Cont.


What do you DO at a rally?


Whatever the rally master for that rally creates on the schedule! Including but not limited to:  day trips to interesting, scenic, or historic sites; exploring back country via jeep trails or hiking trails; kayaking lakes if camped at one; happy hours & potlucks in evening (& sometimes campfires).  All activities are optional, of course. (If you want to enjoy relaxing at camp all day, that's perfectly fine ... but you'll miss out on the adventures!)

What benefits are there to joining Cuatro Estados?


· you use your RV more 

· you meet like-minded people 

· you make friends for life

· you go places you wouldn’t normally go and see things you would never see.

What are the yearly annual dues?


The club dues are $10 per person or $20.00 per couple

Must I also be a member of FMCA?


Yes, you must be a member of Family Motor Coach Association because we are a chapter of that organization.

Are children welcome?


Yes. We do many things they might be interested in (visiting historic sites, jeep or hiking trails, etc).  However we do not plan specific activities for children, and currently have no member families with children.

What benefits are there to joining FMCA?


Your FMCA membership includes, 

· A monthly magazine, (your source for RV insider news, repair & travel tips and member stories)

· Member credentials to identify you and your RV as a FMCA member

· A free medical emergency and travel assistance plan that protects you 24/7, worth $105 annually. If the driver of the RV becomes incapacitated, the RV is returned home.

· Roadside assistance for only $69 per year for your RV and household cars.

· Many discounts for campgrounds, tire saving program that saves you hundreds of dollars. Discounts on mail forwarding, RV insurance, mobile internet plans and health care options.



FAQ's for Rallymasters


I have never been a Rallymaster, what's involved?


For those who have signed up as Rallymasters or are considering doing so:

Never been a Rallymaster before? Then ask one of the “experienced” members to co-host with you; then you too can become a pro at it! Here’s what’s involved:

How do I get a rally to host?


Select a rally you would like to host. I always pick a place I have never been or would like to go to.  If it is at a reserve-able RV Park the Wagon Master will reserve approx. 10 spaces for the time frame. The RV Park should hold the spaces up to 2 months prior to the rally. For example if your rally begins August 15, they will hold the slots until June 15. If the slots are not reserved by the club members the park manager can make them available to people outside our group. If done this way we are not required to make a deposit to hold the spaces. If the RV Park will not hold spaces encourage attendees to book early.

What next?


Please provide our Newsletter Editor with details about your upcoming rally at least two to three months prior to your rally. This is what I like to call a tickler; it is used to peak members interest and get them to sign up for your rally. This would be general facts about the area and things they can do & see while they are there. 

What should we do at my rally?


Check Google and Trip Advisor for things to do in the area? Select the things you would like to do. Then  make out a rally schedule with specifics, days and times and locations of the activities. Remember this is your rally and you plan things according to your likes. You might prefer a super organized, jam packed schedule; or you might want an more open schedule with a few joint activities (such as meals,  shows or a few activities). In an open schedule you would make suggestions for things people can do on their own.

Share the big news


One and a half months prior to your rally you provide the Newsletter Editor with your specific rally schedule, for inclusion into the newsletter. This will let attendees know what to bring in the way of food and equipment/clothing and generally how to prepare for the rally.  Rally fees are collected to reimburse you for your expenses for any foods you provide. This is usually around $4-6 per person. You may collect the rally fees from those attending. 

TEll everyone about your rally


Within a week after the rally --  you should provide the Editor with a rally report, who attended, what happened, etc. -- for publication in the newsletter. Photos are also nice (these can come from anyone who wishes to provide them). Feel free to give yourself accolades, you deserve it!

thank you for volunteering


You’ll always have plenty of help at each rally -- just ask!