A camping club sponsored by Family Motor Coach Assn.

A camping club sponsored by Family Motor Coach Assn.

A camping club sponsored by Family Motor Coach Assn. A camping club sponsored by Family Motor Coach Assn.

2020 Membership Rates


That covers your first year dues and your membership badge.


Each year we produce a Membership Directory that includes the information from application for each member.  And each month we produce a monthly newsletter.

By completing our application and joining, you agree to allow us to print your information in our Membership Directory, and to not use the directory information for anything other than chapter activities/business. 

Our monthly newsletter is emailed to all members, which includes pertinent information including but not limited to  upcoming rallies and rally schedules, messages from president and vice president, any of our other officers, and sometimes information from FMCA. 

Great value

Where can you have this much fun for $10. per year?

Download Application

Application w 2020 rates (doc)


Pay Your Annual Dues (before 30 January)

Print and fill out application, make check payable to Cuatro Estados and send to:

Lynn Buckingham


11508 Nassau NE

Albuquerque, NM 87111


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Congratulations New Member!


Please take the time to read our First Timers Primer so you will know what to expect..........


(1) Make your own reservations with the RV Park, providing whatever deposit is required. A deadline date will usually be published, many of which may be months in advance. But in general the sooner you make your reservations the better, or you may not get in. Also notify the rallymasters that you will be attending. This is important for planning purposes, so please don’t just “show up” without them knowing you will be there. Be sure to ask for discounts and to be put with or near the Cuatro Estados.

(2) Ensure you have the most recent rally schedule and carry it with you. We will follow the schedule unless told otherwise. You will be notified if an activity is canceled due to weather, otherwise the activity is a go.

(3) If you have a two way radio, please bring it; that’s how we communicate while touring in our vehicles together. Set it one channel 20. If you don’t have a radio, many of us carry extra. Please bring your badges… and WEAR THEM. With so many new members, that’s the only way we can remember your names!

(4) Meals.Often there will be one or two potluck meals, possibly one provided by the rallymasters (for which you will be asked to pay a rally fee for cost reimbursement) and one or more meals at a restaurant. Many evenings we have Happy Hours, to which we often bring enough snacks to call it dinner. If we are doing a “run” (scenic drive, or to specific location), often you will be asked to pack a lunch to take with you. Meals information will be provided in the rally schedule, posted in the newsletter or sent to you separately after you have signed up for rally.

Unless specified otherwise, please bring your own ‘mess kit’ (plate, utensils, napkin, etc.) and drink to all gatherings – which usually take place outdoors at rallymasters rig. Bring folding chairs too (which you can leave set up for the duration of the rally if you wish). Bring a small table for yourselves if don’t want to hold your plate in your lap. If you have a larger folding table to help us with place for snacks & potlucks, check with rallymaster to see if they need it. 

(5) A few of our rally locations have a rec building or club house for our use. If so, most are set up with tables & chairs and so we will usually hold potlucks and perhaps even happy hours there. 

(6) If allowed, “real” campfires may be on the evening schedule; bring firewood if you can. If not, some of us may set up propane “firepits” to gather around. We used to have guitar players and singers to add to the evening fun … and always looking for anyone willing to do so again!

(7) On day exploration drives or jeep trails, make sure you have enough gas for the trip. And please be on time because we will leave on time. Also try to double up with others, sharing rides… just make sure you both want to do the same things and/or be gone as long. If someone invites you to ride with them for all the 4WD trips because you don’t have 4WD, it is usually appropriate to offer to pay for part of the gas as a thank you or buy them lunch.

(8) Whether drives or hikes or whatever, remember to bring enough water! And always snacks, even if a lunch isn’t requested. Many times that may turn into lunch.  Also suggest keep a jacket handy. In the high mountains where we hold so many summer rallies, it can turn cold & windy really quick. You might want to bring some chairs in case there are no picnic tables.

(9) REMEMBER: Everything we offer at a rally is optional -- day trips, meals, hikes, and any other scheduled activities. We hopefully attend a rally to SHARE adventures, but if you’d rather spend the day reading a book, or going on a long hike by yourself or whatever, that’s fine. We’re a bunch of very independent people, and it’s perfectly acceptable if you want take a hike, or bike ride, or go kayaking instead of that day’s scheduled drive… and if you want company doing it, you’ll usually find someone else who’d rather do that too! 

(10) Most importantly, come prepared to have an adventure, make new friends and see old friends … expect to have a great time of Fun, Food & Fellowship

Your Cuatro Estados Business Cards- Give one to a friend

Bus card Cuatro Estados 2 (pdf)